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The Team

SPOTC Group Shot

They’re a committed team of creators consisting of an arts educator, a Web developer, a producer, a graphic designer, a copy editor and a videographer. All are working professionals in their own right. But by combining forces, they have turned ambitious ideas like this one into reality. (From left to right: Rusdon, Caitlin, Andy, Sam, Bjorn, Nate.)

+ Andy McInnis

Andy jumps into things with both feet before realizing what the hell he’s actually doing. A prime example is when he started screen printing out of his apartment back in 2007. If this book had existed then, Andy might have actually made something of himself and you wouldn’t be reading his bio right now. 

Both Andy’s parents are very talented teachers. Although he never intended to take over the family business, teaching is what he was meant to do. Art and education are two of this young man’s deepest passions. Commitment is an issue for Andy, but the SPOTC team keeps him in check.

Technically homeless with a laughable credit score, Andy sacrifices things most wouldn’t in order to find true love. From time to time he grows the hair out on his upper lip.

Andy’s current relationship status is: SPOTC.

+ Bjorn Hagstrom

The most efficient decision maker that side of the river. When in doubt, ask Bjorn. Fuzzy about what’s on your plate? Ask Bjorn and he’ll show you what’s right in front of your face. He simplifies the complexity. 

In addition to his high-end Web development work throughout the Net, Bjorn’s background in the screen printing community is extensive. Having produced graphic artwork for several years, and being a screen printer himself, the knowledge he brings to the table is invaluable.

The bottom line: Bjorn figures out how to make things work when no one else can. Coolest, most handsome Web nerd you’ll ever meet.

Bjorn brings SPOTC into the twenty-first century and beyond.

+ Caitlin Hargarten

The most organized artist in Minneapolis. With her, we find our balls tucked neatly into a nice wicker basket. Caitlin’s ever-positive energy keeps projects like this going through thick and thin. Outside SPOTC, she can be seen organizing art events, creating animations and screen printing out of her garage. 

Caitlin’s recognition starts at a grassroots level. She’s managed projects such as the Red Hot Art Festivals and Art Shanty Projects, and she runs a video production company, Squawk Productions, with her husband, Sam.

Caitlin holds SPOTC accountable.

+ Nate Johannes

Nate’s attention to detail is ridiculous. He is a game changer. Idea generator extraordinaire. Idea executor till four in the morning. How does Nate have the ability to generate and execute ridiculously ambitious ideas all at once, you ask? We may never know the answer … dude is a total freak. 

Nate follows through on every project he agrees to. And he agrees to a lot. His timeless design skills win awards as he continues to feverishly work for the underdog. He’s got a humble heart a gold.

Mr. Screen Printing on the Cheap. He loses small objects in his facial hair.

Nate gives SPOTC its sexy.

+ Rusdon Torbenson

Consistency is key. When it comes to the English language, Rusdon knows it like the back of his hand. Sometimes, he’ll even use the back of that hand to enforce the rules. 

But, rules are meant to be broken. Anyone can write; few can edit. This gentleman knows the art of cutting through the crap and clarifying the cloudy. He’ll reteach you things you should have remembered from grade school.

Rusdon’s professional accomplishments include
1. having a lot of fun proofeading for Aveda and Fallon (sic, sic fun);
2. editing copy for Minneapolis’s dandy and dead Art Review and Preview; and
3. getting 19/20 on his eighth grade spelling test (choked on “larynx”).

Rocking Chuck Taylors and junior miss jeans twenty-four/seven, three-sixty-five.

Rusdon keeps SPOTC clean, concise and consistent.

+ Sam Thompson

This dude is a natural-born promoter who can be found slanging homemade horror films in his sleep. Sam’s professional work outside SPOTC can be seen in the form of feature-length and short films, music videos, motion graphics … the list goes on. 

To this project Sam contributes mad skills with a video camera, his photographic lens, promotions, marketing and humor. He has directed the feature film “Living Arrangements” and the award-winning short film “Urine Trouble.” He runs Squawk Productions with his wife, Caitlin.

Sam’s zombie blood positively pumps through SPOTC.