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Our books are coming off the press soon, the holidays are here, and we’re feeling downright jolly!

Presenting BOGOHO! (Buy One Get One Half Off!):
First 50 orderers to use coupon code BOGOHO on 2+ books get $15 off their order. A sweet deal for our sweet fans.

Follow hashtag #BOGOHO over the next couple days for some enticing tweets.


Dan Ibarra Interview

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Dan from Aesthetic Apparatus talks shop with us over a beverage and a bike ride. Listen up campers! There’s some real nuggets of nerdy information to be had about starting something from nothing.

Also, check out the outtakes from the interview (Youtube)

Village Idiot Print Party

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We threw a print party for our friends the “Village Idiots” for so generously backing us on Kickstarter. Thanks Idiots! It was a blast!

The Adam Turman Interview

We thought it was time that we shared the long-awaited Adam Turman Interview video as a little bit of goodness in exchange for everyone’s patience. We’re in the final stretch!

Also (hint!) check back soon for posts documenting our book’s production!!!

From Macedonia, With Love

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This is a video from our young friend Martin Dimitrievski from Bitola, Macedonia. (Here’s his website:!__english)

Basically, Martin is a fan of us and wants to support us. He told us about his cylinder screen printing unit, and I asked if we could see it in action with a video, and whipped one up over a weekend. He’s a cool dude! And he made a pint glass with our logo on it. How rad is that?!