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Dan Ibarra Interview

Posted on: 3 Comments

Dan from Aesthetic Apparatus talks shop with us over a beverage and a bike ride. Listen up campers! There’s some real nuggets of nerdy information to be had about starting something from nothing.

Also, check out the outtakes from the interview (Youtube)

3 Responses

  1. My new hero! (Besides you guys!) Can’t wait for the book!

    • Cabe says:

      Great Video! I been printing for over 15 years now. And I recltney started running a DTG, It’s Horrible! It takes so much work to get it to run right! And if your not running the DTG everyday it get clogged, Honestly this method has a long way to go in technology before it can over take the market! Digital printing is great for maybe trade show set up or a small? mall shop but not a full production screen printing shop. My 2 cents Gawk Prints

  2. Reign Cleary says:

    I have been trying for so long to get someone (anyone) to help me with the exposure process and then I listen to this and smile. I absolutely love your no holds barred explanation of screen printing. Thank you.

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