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MMAA Sneak Peak

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This is part of a bigger series that will be looped and projected during the MMAA exhibit D.I.Y. Printing: Presses Not Required, March 7 – April 28, 2013. We wanted to not only showcase Nate’s awesome design and illustrations, but the screen printing process as well.

PYOP Poster Show and Book Release

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The book is published, we’re caught up with back orders, it’s time to partay!

Dust off your squeegee, put on some not-so-nice clothes and come on out to meet the SPOTC crew @ Big Table Studio March 2nd 7-10pm. Our friends Aesthetic ApparatusAdam TurmanSteady Co., and Nate Geon have provided custom-made poster designs, you provide the muscle.

Pull Your Own Print!

[full poster artwork]

Pull You Own Print



Screen Printing in Qatar
Just got an awesome photo sent to us from Qatar. This DIY print class used our book and designs to make their own presses. Thanks for the love, VCUQATAR PAINTING + PRINTMAKING!


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Our books are coming off the press soon, the holidays are here, and we’re feeling downright jolly!

Presenting BOGOHO! (Buy One Get One Half Off!):
First 50 orderers to use coupon code BOGOHO on 2+ books get $15 off their order. A sweet deal for our sweet fans.

Follow hashtag #BOGOHO over the next couple days for some enticing tweets.


Covers are done!

Screen Printing on the Cheap Bookk Covers
After a few long nights and grumpy mornings, we are done printing the book covers! It was a lot of work, but work we enjoy. Stay tune for further updates. And don’t forget, one of these hand-crafted pieces could be yours! Get you pre-order in today, they are going fast!

Dan Ibarra Interview

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Dan from Aesthetic Apparatus talks shop with us over a beverage and a bike ride. Listen up campers! There’s some real nuggets of nerdy information to be had about starting something from nothing.

Also, check out the outtakes from the interview (Youtube)


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A preview from our upcoming book.

When doing live printing, people quickly understand the stencil process, but are often wondering, “How do you get the image onto the screen?” This sweet little illustration hopefully begins to answer those questions.

We’re wondering: has anyone gone real cheap and exposed with the sun?

Village Idiot Print Party

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We threw a print party for our friends the “Village Idiots” for so generously backing us on Kickstarter. Thanks Idiots! It was a blast!

Art Room: Your Bedroom

Note: This is an actual excerpt from the book! Every so often, we’ll leak out more book “snippets” for your reading pleasure.

Your artwork is where it all begins. The printed image will never look better than the original image you create. So if your artwork sucks, your printed image will also suck. This chapter covers standard materials for preparing your films by hand but focuses on general open and output from Illustrator and Photoshop.

Although these computer programs are crazy expensive, they’re the standard. If you happen to have access to them, you’ll have the knowledge to use them properly for screen printing after reading this chapter. Now let’s concentrate on creating proper film positives to hold your artwork and expose your screen.

The Adam Turman Interview

We thought it was time that we shared the long-awaited Adam Turman Interview video as a little bit of goodness in exchange for everyone’s patience. We’re in the final stretch!

Also (hint!) check back soon for posts documenting our book’s production!!!

Chapter 4 Snippet

Note: This is an actual excerpt from the book! Every so often, we’ll leak out more book “snippets” for your reading pleasure.

“As you progress you may want to build a more advanced printing press for flatstock. A vacuum table is nice because it eliminates the need for spray adhesive which has a tendancy to make the backside of your prints tacky. Tacky when stacked together means they’ll stick together.”

– from Chapter 4

We’ve been busy…

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Screen Printing Animated GIF

We’ve been busy working on the final edits to the book, but we’re still getting outside and printing with people!

Personal interaction is super important to us – stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages to hear about our upcoming events!

(Many of these people printed for the first time. Didn’t they do great?!)

From Macedonia, With Love

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This is a video from our young friend Martin Dimitrievski from Bitola, Macedonia. (Here’s his website:!__english)

Basically, Martin is a fan of us and wants to support us. He told us about his cylinder screen printing unit, and I asked if we could see it in action with a video, and whipped one up over a weekend. He’s a cool dude! And he made a pint glass with our logo on it. How rad is that?!


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Art a Whirl Mobile Screen Printing Press

Art-a-Whirl was a blast! Thanks for flagging us down and getting your print on. Look for us at other outdoor art events this summer! (Suggestions/Requests for appearances? Email