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PYOP Poster Show and Book Release

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The book is published, we’re caught up with back orders, it’s time to partay!

Dust off your squeegee, put on some not-so-nice clothes and come on out to meet the SPOTC crew @ Big Table Studio March 2nd 7-10pm. Our friends Aesthetic ApparatusAdam TurmanSteady Co., and Nate Geon have provided custom-made poster designs, you provide the muscle.

Pull Your Own Print!

[full poster artwork]

Pull You Own Print



4 Responses

  1. Pat Mattson says:

    I love screen printing. How can I get your book?

    • caitlin says:

      Thanks Pat!
      The book is available right here, right now, in our online shop! If you are in the MPLS area we currently have the book in select shops around town. (Northwest Graphic Supply, the Walker Shop and i like you shop.)

      happy printing!

  2. Drew Chapman says:

    This whole website is awesome! Is your book available in a kinde edition?

    • SPOTC says:

      Drew – We just have the PDF as a digital version at this point, which isn’t at all optimized for Kindle use… perhaps someday!

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