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Our books are coming off the press soon, the holidays are here, and we’re feeling downright jolly!

Presenting BOGOHO! (Buy One Get One Half Off!):
First 50 orderers to use coupon code BOGOHO on 2+ books get $15 off their order. A sweet deal for our sweet fans.

Follow hashtag #BOGOHO over the next couple days for some enticing tweets.


2 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    So I could have gotten 2 books for $5 less than I paid for 1 on Kickstarter…

    • SPOTC says:

      And this is only possible THANKS TO YOU Charles! Our awesome Kickstarter backers not only made it possible for our book to exist(!), but also allowed us to set a more accessible retail price. Everyone who gets a copy of this book (ever) owes you a debt of gratitude. THANK YOU!

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